newness: story announcements not nearly as amazing as the film

March 30, 2018 brianna 0 Comments

Have you watched Newness yet? No? Do it. It’s on Netflix. As if Nicholas Hoult weren’t already a dreamboat and Laia Costa a Spanish force of superstardom, it’s an incredibly-acted exploration of polygamous and monogamous love, coming to a head in a way that forces viewers to examine their own romantic ideals in this brave new world of sociosexual liberation.

But anyway.

Leading off that concept of ‘newness,’ I’m pursuing a trifectafied path of new ideas. Mind you, my mind is swarmed each and every day by new ideas – be it for characters, plot-lines, or random turns of phrase that hijack my fancy – but I’m dedicating myself to three such brain-babies. They’ve demanded my attention, and I’m nothing if not completely powerless to resist the siren call; the fact that I’ve started writing them has proven them worthy of a baptismal announcement. I do, after all, have a tendency to shout into the void. So why not shout something in the name of shameless self-promotion?

Three. New. Stories.

They Are Not Human – sci-fi, noir, and mystery fuse together when a cyberpunk cluster-fuck of ridiculous characters struggle to solve a conspiracy in 2086 NYC, under a militant mega corporation’s techno-fascist rule. (read the excerpt here)

Essentia – a woman of science is rather unfortunately stuck in the 19th century, and her archaeological efforts lead to the discovery of a realm fraught with insectoid gods hungry for humans. (read the excerpt here)

The Forgetting Curve – a not-for-the-faint-hearted study in how re-humanized zombies cope with the world while battling crystal-clear memories of devouring their families and friends. (read the excerpt here)

The likeliest candidate for Camp NaNoWriMo is TANH. I’m 100% unprepared and have a day and a half to reduce that percentage as much as possible.

Story of my life.



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