haggis, blood pudding, kangaroo steak

peloponnesus, isle of arran, ballater

horror, dark fantasy, science fiction

the curiosity

traveling, eating, and writing stories comprise the holy trinity of my world, and like any respectable holy trinity they're beautifully interdependent. there's culture to be had in every bite. inspiration to be found around every corner. there are gems of culinary and literary delight in the dark, secret alleyways of the world - but first you have to get there, and finding them (often by accident) is what I do best.

the cat

I'm Brianna M. Fenty: an author, bibliophile, lover of weird eats and curator of cultural discovery from Long Island, New York. I like rain and existentialism, (pretend to) enjoy red wine over white, and proudly count myself among the heathens who add milk and sugar to their tea.
my short stories have been published in such lit mags as bull and cross, aphotic realm, hellbound, and sick lit. as for novels, there are (way too) many  in the works - subscribe for release news!

jinx on books

current projects: the heavyweight champs

the quaking aspen
the resurrection sequence - book one

the lighthouse of loom
a novel

they are not human
a novel

a novelette

the forgetting curve
a novella

the moth & flame tales
an episodic novella

the BALLAD trilogy - book one